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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ms C Jardine
Most of it went in the bin

My cat would eat some of it, but left so much and it went off despite being kept in the fridge. A little goes a long way.

Mark Howie
Hits the spot

Our BSH loves rabbit and ground bone, it's doesn't last long once served.

Siobhan Robertson
Best frozen cat food ever!

I really rate all the purrform frozen cat foods but this particular one (rabbit and ground bone for adult cats) is the one that my cat seems to like the best. It keeps well in the fridge the longest too and personally I think it smells the least, actually there’s kind of no smell to this one which is amazing. I’ve got my frozen food from Dofos for years and years now and it’s always excellent.

Also, in case you’re wondering how much to buy, my very large chonk of a cat goes through one tub in about 4/5 days. My routine is: defrost a tub in the fridge for a full 24 hours, then 1/8th of the tub per meal, one in the morning one at night (I give a little dry biscuits in a separate bowl too), then when I’m feeding him the second-to-last portion it’s time to defrost the next one so it’s ready in time.

Niki Whitby
Highly recommended

This flavour is the only food my cat will eat. I don’t buy from anyone other than Purrform.
Highly recommend Dofos. Easy and quick delivery service.

June Croll
Excellence in service

I have been using Dofo for over a year for Purrform raw minced rabbit for my three Bengal fur kidz. Excellent service and the fur kidz are super happy.