Woolf Botanicals Seafish with Kelp and Thyme 80g

Woolf Botanicals Seafish stripes with kelp and thyme Complementary snack for dogs, with sea fish, seaweed and thyme.

For protection, there is an oxygen absorber in the bag - not suitable for consumption.

The zipper closure of the package allows for longer storage of the product.

The snack is a variety for your dog's balanced diet.

Product features

Weight: 80g


  • meat: 46% including 9% sea fish, wheat, vegetables and vegetable by-products, rice, minerals, EU approved preservatives, seaweed, thyme (80 mg / kg)

Composition analysis

  • Protein: 20.9%
  • Moisture: 20.2%
  • Fat: 4.19%
  • Crude ash: 5.77%
  • Crude fiber: 1.0%

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