Orbiloc Safety Light - Various Colours

Made In Denmark/ 3 Year Guarantee.

Orbiloc Safety Light is designed and made exclusively in Denmark in our production facilities in Aarhus. The ambition is to create a safety light designed to allow outdoorsy people the freedom to engage in their interest, while being safe.

Professional athletes and weekend warriors, the military and police, and others are using the Orbiloc Safety Light to improve their safety and visibility, mainly because it adheres to the highest standards of durability, visibility and quality.

In fact, we trust in the durability of our product so much that we’ve given it a three-year warranty.

5KM/ 3 mile Visibility

Wearing the Orbiloc Safety Light means increased visibility – up to a distance of 5 kilometres / 3 miles – along with ease of use and the comfort, flexibility and freedom to be active. Powerful and lightweight light adapted to the needs of the outdoor enthusiasts give you a sense of safety. When you feel safe, you are free to celebrate your favourite outdoor activities.

Everything about the Orbiloc Safety Light is designed to allow you to have fun and feel free; from the variety of coloursand the different mounting options to the wide range ofaccessories. All you have to do is make your choice.

Waterproof And Reliable

Orbiloc Dual Safety Light is waterproof to a depth of 100 meter / 330 feet in accordance with IPX8.

IPX indicates how resistant a product is against rain and immersed in water. The Orbiloc Safety Light has the highest level of this certification (IPX8), which means that the light can stand being continuously underwater. The Orbiloc Safety Light was tested in a pressure gauge with water, where it was exposed to 11 bars, equivalent to a depth of 100 meters, for one hour.

Furthermore the Orbiloc Safety Light has been tested in extreme temperatures and it can withstand temperatures from 50°C to -40°C /120°F to -40°F.

Impact Resistant

The Orbiloc Safety Light is a very tough light that can withstand a pressure of 100 kg and the Orbiloc Safety Light has performed well in a number of durability and accelerated life tests.

Due to its high quality design the Orbiloc Safety Light is extremely resistant to impact and is not affected by changes in pressure, vibrations or to shock. You can drop it, throw it, or even drive over it and the light will still work.

The Orbiloc Safety Light LED technology is moreover tested and guaranteed to fully function from 50°C to -40°C /120°F to -40°F.

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