Beef Spaghetti Roll

All-natural beef chew sticks made from 100% dried cow intestines make a great dog snack between meals and are suitable for all dogs, small or large. The beef sticks are all natural and free from all artificial preservatives, additives or colour so they are suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies or nutritional allergies. They are easy to digest and have a slightly bendy consistency, so they won't splinter.


Beef Intestine contain:

vitamins A, E, D3 - ensure efficient metabolism, bone growth and correct vision, general protein - is the basic building block of muscle tissue, ensures proper development, raw fat - provides healthy skin and fur and energy for the dog's body, crude fiber - an organic compound that allows proper bowel patency (shortage of fiber can cause constipation or diarrhea) mineral compounds - total phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium - strengthen teeth and bones. analysis: crude protein 74.90%, crude fat 14.70%, crude ash 6.25%, humidity 10%.