Applaws Cat Can Kitten Chicken 70g

Applaws Meaty Tins Wet Cat Food are scrumptious, complementary adult cat foods that represents the best of Applaws' meaty flavoured range. Made from select and completely natural ingredients. What's more, they're cooked in their own stock with wholesome rice and completely free of animal derivatives and artificial additives of any kind. Applaws Natural Cat Food is an ideal way to treat your feline friend every day!


Chicken: Chicken Breast 75%, Chicken Broth 24%, Rice 1%
Chicken with Duck: Chicken breast 70%, Chicken broth, Duck 5%, Rice
Chicken with Cheese: Chicken Breast 70%, Cheese 5%, Rice 1%, Cooking water 24%
Chicken with Pumpkin: Chicken Breast 50%, Chicken Broth 25%, Pumpkin 24%, Rice 1%
Kitten Chicken: Chicken 53%, Rice, Minerals

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