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About Us

Our goal is clear - to provide your pet with the best nutrition on the market

Dofos has been a family run business since it was established in 1953 and recently we have questioned why we do what we do and it was very clear that we as a business care for the animals we cater for.

In 2015 we moved from the iconic building on Blenheim Place to Leith Walk. The dynamic of the store has changed. We focused on pet foods with high meat and great nutrition and we dropped big brands made by big corps looking to make big profits in our industry with their food contradictory to our values as a business that cares for your pet
Since then have went from strength to strength as a company cementing in our mind we are doing the best for your pet. In keeping up with the times we have launched our online store and now deliver all over the UK.

As our customer base has grown we have become more diverse as a company offering more services including our pet hotel  and a free in house delivery service for Edinburgh.

We continue to strive for our values and beliefs as a company for the future and we have already set out a plan to use biodegradable packaging for all our in house packaged goods instead of plastic 

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337 leith walk

Raw Food
Pet Hotel
Reptile Range
Dog Grooming Salon
Dog Harness Fitting
Natural Pet Products


Raw Food Freezers
Dog Grooming Salon
Dog Harness Fitting
Natural Pet Products

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Giving Back

Animals are always at the centre of what we do if it's providing the best quality products on the market or working with various charities. Animals are at the forefront of what we do and thats what makes us jump out of bed every morning.